Parish Pickers to the Rescue!

In these days of darkening clouds and uncertainties, it’s a pleasure to share some positive news. Read on for something that will brighten your day. -Editor The Parish Pickers have excelled themselves and we are so proud of you all! A really fantastic turn out in these trying times with all ages and families allContinue reading “Parish Pickers to the Rescue!”

Fundraising Update

Our food bank fundraiser is still in full swing, and as always, we’re gratefully accepting donations. Barbara Vernon held another cake sale on Saturday and raised £365.31 including some generous donations! Some local people gave books, DVD’s, etc to augment the stock and Heidi made some masks which proved popular. Thank you those of youContinue reading “Fundraising Update”

First deadline met

Earlier this afternoon, we reached our initial £500 online goal for our food distribution fundraiser. Thank you, to everyone within our community who have helped us reach our goals, and more. So now that we’ve seen what we can accomplish, we’ve upped the ante, and are now aiming for £1000 of donations on our JustGivingContinue reading “First deadline met”