Covid-19 Updates, Links, Cancellations

23 September

As you know, new measures are in place to reduce the likelihood of a second wave of the virus from taking hold. As a result, some events may be changed or even cancelled. We’ll try and keep up to date here as best as possible.

We’re sorry to inform you that the PSRA Well Being Day scheduled for 11 October in the Village Hall has been postponed to a later date in 2021, owing to the uncertainties of the pandemic and recent resurges throughout the country.

25 July Updates

As you know, a lot has changed in just the past month. Across England face masks/coverings are now compulsory inside shops as well as on public transport. There are numerous local sellers who can make a personalised mask, please shout out for ideas, if you need to.

I make masks for the community, available through my site–Masks from Jacob’s Cottage, email, or messaging. In addition, I donate them for fundraising events. Please come to our Macmillan Cakes and Family Fun Day on the Rec on Sunday, 27 September, as I’ll have a small selection of masks for sale, all 4-layered in compliance with the latest recommendations from health organisations. – Editor

Hertfordshire Covid-19 Local Outbreak Plan published. See their open letter to residents which details what would happen in the event of another outbreak.

4 April: Organisations Offering Help/Soliciting Volunteers

There are now several worthy local groups which have sprung up due to the needs and concerns about elderly or vulnerable neighbours and relatives, including our own Association. We’re here for you if you need us, or are worried about somebody, as our group of magazine delivery volunteers know their neighbours. Please reach out to Joy if you or someone you know in our Village needs assistance.

The site Herts Help is available to advise residents on funding, care requests such as asking for assistance for a relative in need, or somebody trapped in an abusive relationship. This link is a good place to start:

Among the volunteer efforts, Communities 1st is asking residents to sign up and volunteer for a wide-ranging variety of roles, such as delivering food or doing errands, providing a conversation, and more.

People in need of support are invited to visit their site, or phone them at 020 8207 5115

Community Outreach

Many in our community have begun self-isolating, in order to reduce the risk of infection by this virus, particularly the elderly and people with conditions which make them especially vulnerable to infection.

One local resident, Hayley Franks has started a group Here to Help for people in our neighbourhood to ask for and to offer help to people here who are home bound and self-isolating.

If you’re wiling and able to help, join the discussion at Even a phone call to check in is appreciated, if you’re unable to get out.

Legitimate Sources of Information

Hertfordshire Council is maintaining an information page with relevant links and up to the minute information about the virus here.

There is a plethora of good information online, but we’ll continue sharing anything relevant and useful to our community.

Unfortunately, with the virus outbreak comes rumour and speculation which you may start seeing much more often, including text copy/pasted on Facebook. The best rule of thumb is to not share the information, especially if it’s attributed to friends or relatives of people in the know. Remember, any changes or discoveries, etc. will be shared worldwide by legitimate news sources. Please always verify first before passing on second or third hand information.

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