Artist Spotlight: Dave Parry

As a relative newcomer to the Village, a lot of what I’ve discovered about our lovely Village has been through conversations with my neighbours. One neighbour, Dave Parry has been a wealth of information, and lively tales, as he’s worn many hats throughout his interesting life, and has lived to tell! His Facebook group ParkContinue reading “Artist Spotlight: Dave Parry”

2020’s Best Kept Garden Second & Third Prizes Awarded

Congratulations to Grazyna Smal of Penn Road, and Ian & Sue Getley for their award-winning gardens. Grazyna took 2nd Place in the PSRA Best Kept Front Garden, and received a £25 gardener’s gift card and certificate, and Sue and Ian were awarded a £10 gift card and certificate for their gorgeous blooms. Header photo byContinue reading “2020’s Best Kept Garden Second & Third Prizes Awarded”