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Thank you for stopping by and visiting our Park Street Residents’ Association (PSRA) web site. We’re here to enhance life and the surroundings in our Village, even while the country endures a pandemic affecting every aspect of our lives.

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PSRA Latest News

Scam Alert: Virgin Media Fault Report Call

Fraud Alert from OWL/Neighbourhood Watch: This one has potential to defraud some of our neighbours, or possibly even you, given the prevalence of Virgin Media outages in the neighbourhood that people discuss. Watch out! Dear Watch Member, Our victim support team have alerted us to a Virgin Media scam that seems to be trending. RecentContinue reading “Scam Alert: Virgin Media Fault Report Call”

Covid Information Champions Information Sheet Issue 16 2021

The number of coronavirus cases in Hertfordshire is falling but now is not the time to be complacent. We must continue to play our part to stop the spread. Thanks to the work of GP practices, hospitals, pharmacies, our larger vaccination sites and thousands of volunteers, more than One million doses have been given inContinue reading “Covid Information Champions Information Sheet Issue 16 2021”

Food Bank Update

Most of our vulnerable families are returning to jobs on hold during the pandemic, so it’s time to wrap up our hugely successful food bank. Thanks to everybody who’s provided valuable support and kindness.

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Our Impact 2020

2020: What a year it’s been! Now that it’s behind us, a good time to remind ourselves of what PSRA achieved in this most challenging of years.

Photo: Park Street Mill Stream by Ricky Barnett