Park Street Residents’ Association

Park Street Residents’ Association

Thank you for stopping by and visiting our Park Street Residents’ Association (PSRA) web site. We’re here to enhance life and the surroundings in our Village, even while the country endures a pandemic affecting every aspect of our lives.

We welcome ideas, volunteers, and your support. Look out for events and things that we do in the community. Hope to see you soon! If you’re new, download our welcome pack. Download our twice yearly magazine here.

Cover photo: Periwinkle by Dave Parry

Food Bank

Please help us to provide food and essentials to local families hit hard by this crisis, by donating food at our drop off point at Twinsco, or by donating on our JustGiving page.

Yearly Memberships

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Yearly memberships to PSRA cost just £3.50, and helps support our projects, PSNW, events, and improvements, as well as helping finance our PSRA News Magazine.

Our Impact 2020

2020: What a year it’s been! Now that it’s behind us, a good time to remind ourselves of what PSRA achieved in this most challenging of years.