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Thank you for stopping by and visiting our Park Street Residents’ Association (PSRA) web site. We’re here to enhance life and the surroundings in our Village, even while the country endures a pandemic affecting every aspect of our lives.

We welcome ideas, volunteers, and your support. Look out for events and things that we do in the community. Hope to see you soon! If you’re new, download our welcome pack. Download our twice yearly magazine here.

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Error in Recent News Post

Apologies to everyone who received a mysterious email with the subject 8671. You may not have clicked the link simply because it was an odd thing to receive. I have now edited the post so the title displays, and is viewable here: Celebrate a Milestone! which is in actuality an invitation to a nice day …

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Yearly memberships to PSRA cost just £3.50, and helps support our projects, PSNW, events, and improvements all year round. Included in your £3.50 membership is membership to the Neighbourhood Watch, which includes timely email updates from the Watch and the Police. You’ll also receive a copy of our award-winning Park Street News twice a year. Sign up now.

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