Postponed: PSRA Wellness Day

Our Autumn Wellness Day, which we advertised in March’s Park Street News is postponed until 2021, due to social distancing crowd sizes still in effect at the Village Hall. Originally planned for 11 October, we’re aiming for May/June to relaunch. We’ll announce the date for the rescheduled event in the coming weeks.

Highlights from PSRA Food Bank/OSPA Joint Fundraiser

Many thanks to Christine, Lorraine and their husbands for setting up and down and all the organising on the 22nd; Pam, Chris, Barbara and Lucille for manning the stalls, and Heidi, Dee and Jon for donating. We raised over £250 for the food bank and Rachael made £150 for her dog charity, OSPA. Don’t forgetContinue reading “Highlights from PSRA Food Bank/OSPA Joint Fundraiser”

Enjoy 2 Theatre Productions 23 August

Here in Park Street, we’re represented by talented artists and more who are a part of our community. Local resident Paula Chitty’s a director and designer at Irrational Theatre. The theatre is doing 2 Zoom screenings Sunday 23 August–one for children, Lily and Bear at 11.30, and Waiting for Hamlet at 8pm. More info hereContinue reading “Enjoy 2 Theatre Productions 23 August”