New! PSRA Community Food Donation Distribution Point

15 May: Raj has kindly donated 12 packs of toilet rolls and 12 packs of kitchen roll. Also a gentleman from Penn road brought in a box full of items and a person spent £20 on items.

Chair Joy is working with Park Street and How Wood schools, and is in contact with the Baptist Church as well, to make sure the food goes to those who need it most.

Secretary Chris has been staying quite busy delivering the boxes to Joy’s, but of course, there’s always room for more!
Please donate what you can. We’re not through this yet.

Update: As you can see from the photos our secretary Chris took, the donations are piling in at Twinsco, but there’s always need for more. Please visit Raj and do what you can.

Raj at Twinsco has generously allocated space in his shop for donations of food for families in need due to Covid-19 lockdown and implication of it.
All donations of food and toiletries will be distributed to local Park Street families, via the relevant organisations.

Please give generously, and what you can afford if you’re in a position to do so. The food is going to neighbours and members of our local community, whose needs have been recognised by our local primary schools.

In addition, PSRA will be launching a fundraiser page for vulnerable families, where you can see what your donations buy. To date, we’ve allocated £250 for food purchases, some of which has already been used to purchase food for How Wood residents. Our chair Joy was busy today buying the goods, and How Wood Primary School delivered parcels to 12 local families this time. We’ll continue to work with them until our funds run out.

Our first round. Thanks to Joy and the How Wood Primary School for their hard work!
69-71 Park St, Park Street, St Albans AL2 2PH

Twinsco has been a valuable member of our community for many years, and especially now during this pandemic. Please support our local shops now and after the pandemic ends.

Photo by Jakub Kapusnak on Unsplashosoughi on Unsplash

Covid-19 Updates, Links, Cancellations

5 April: Hospitals Update

4 April: Organisations Offering Help/Soliciting Volunteers

There are now several worthy local groups which have sprung up due to the needs and concerns about elderly or vulnerable neighbours and relatives, including our own Association. We’re here for you if you need us, or are worried about somebody, as our group of magazine delivery volunteers know their neighbours. Please reach out to Joy if you or someone you know in our Village needs assistance.

The site Herts Help is available to advise residents on funding, care requests such as asking for assistance for a relative in need, or somebody trapped in an abusive relationship. This link is a good place to start:

Among the volunteer efforts, Communities 1st is asking residents to sign up and volunteer for a wide-ranging variety of roles, such as delivering food or doing errands, providing a conversation, and more.

People in need of support are invited to visit their site, or phone them at 020 8207 5115

Event Cancellations: Updated 22 March

  • Park Street Village Hall: All upcoming classes, events and meetings are hereby CANCELLED
  • PSRA AGM & Reception 15 April postponed to a future date
  • Litter Picks in the Village All planned litter picks at the current time have been postponed
  • Fun day at the Village Hall on Saturday 21st March Cancelled
  • Village Hall Quiz on 4th April Cancelled
  • Hertfordshire Health Walks temporarily ceased until further notice (Download this Rights of Way Google Map to add to your phone, or visit the site for more ideas of walks you can do on your own.)
  • CANCELLED: AGM & A County at War, Life on the Home Front in Hertfordshire by Howard Guard, Frogmore Society, Tuesday 19th May
  • Community Tree Planting on 29 March has been cancelled

Community Outreach

Many in our community have begun self-isolating, in order to reduce the risk of infection by this virus, particularly the elderly and people with conditions which make them especially vulnerable to infection.

One local resident, Hayley Franks has started a group Here to Help for people in our neighbourhood to ask for and to offer help to people here who are home bound and self-isolating.

If you’re wiling and able to help, join the discussion at Even a phone call to check in is appreciated, if you’re unable to get out.

Update 18 March: News From Park Street “Delivered shopping if you are self-isolating” and more information during this confusing time.

Legitimate Sources of Information

Hertfordshire Council is maintaining an information page with relevant links and up to the minute information about the virus here.

There is a plethora of good information online, but we’ll continue sharing anything relevant and useful to our community.

Unfortunately, with the virus outbreak comes rumour and speculation which you may start seeing much more often, including text copy/pasted on Facebook. The best rule of thumb is to not share the information, especially if it’s attributed to friends or relatives of people in the know. Remember, any changes or discoveries, etc. will be shared worldwide by legitimate news sources. Please always verify first before passing on second or third hand information.

Photo by visuals on Unsplash

First deadline met

Earlier this afternoon, we reached our initial £500 online goal for our food distribution fundraiser. Thank you, to everyone within our community who have helped us reach our goals, and more.

So now that we’ve seen what we can accomplish, we’ve upped the ante, and are now aiming for £1000 of donations on our JustGiving page. Why stop now when there’s so many families in need? An update is due to let everyone know about the progress of off-site donations, which are also significant!, but for now, we’re just basking in the joy of making our initial goal.

Thank you, one and all, and please share our good news, and our fundraiser page.

Park Street Food bank is saved!!

By Barbara Vernon from News From Park Street

Yesterday the generous, kind and supportive people of Park Street dug deep into their pockets and we are close to our £500 target. Plants and biscuits were bought and donations in envelopes posted through my door. THANK YOU! everyone, we are truly humbled by your generosity. We can guarantee local people in need will receive food for the next 3 weeks. Raj at Twinsco is still receiving donated items. Other items are purchased to make up the food bags. We can’t be complacent yet as I imagine help will be needed for a longer period of time. I am thinking of doing something similar next Saturday – June 6th. I will make (more) cakes and biscuits and put them outside my house asking for donations. I will post later in the week. If anyone has any ideas or anything they would like to contribute do please get in touch with me. 07577 638631. If anyone wishes to make a donation in the meantime please put it in an envelope and post it through my door (2 Mill Cottages, Burydell Lane, 2nd house on the left). Cheques can be made payable to Park Street Residents Association. All monies raised will be given to Park Street Residents Association who are organising and managing this enterprise.

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PSRA Food Drive Fundraiser is live!

Our JustGiving page is live. Click to donate.

No family should go without food during the coronavirus pandemic, but sadly, job losses have made families more vulnerable during this unprecedented time. Park Street Residents Association aims to lessen the burden by distributing food parcels to families most in need.

We’re working with the local schools How Wood Primary School and Nursery and Park Street Primary Schools to identify those families feeling the pinch, and ensuring those who need it most get help. The schools’ heads know the community well, and are the most informed as to who’s suffering. We respect their expertise. Right now we’re supplying 14 families each week, but we believe that number will increase by summer.

We’ve got £150 left for purchasing food and necessities, but it will run out after our next weekly shopping trip. Currently local hero Twinsco has a food donation point where generous residents have contributed vital food and supplies, and local baking heroes Wenzel’s provides fresh baked bread and other baked goods, which supplement our weekly parcels, but money is needed to fill each bag.

Please donate what money you can, to help your neighbours through this difficult time. Your generosity will help families get through this.

If you’re unable to donate through our JustGiving page, please consider buying essentials at Twinsco to leave in our drop off box.

If you prefer to donate directly, we’re open for a bank transfer–Just reference your donation with your name so we can thank you.

Bank Info: A/C 73487520 Sort Code 20-74- 09 – with your REFERENCE

Update! 30 May: Barbara Vernon, a friend to all our community, is accepting cash (in an envelope) or cheques (payable to Park Street Residents Association) on our behalf. If you prefer giving this way, you can drop off your donations through the door of 2 Mill Cottages, the second house on the left in Burydell Lane, just beyond Twinsco. Donations are already coming through! #psrafood

Facemask Guidance

To help people to interpret the government’s advice and choose the right face covering for their circumstances, the Public Health team from Hertfordshire County Council has developed guidance for employers and the public.

Among other advice given, good hygiene is stressed as your first line of defence, but if you believe you have symptoms of cornonavirus, wearing a mask may protect others from infection. Download the full report here.