Donate to Ukraine Refugees

UPDATE 4 March

With so many of you opening your hearts and dropping off supplies. Give. Help. Share (Amanda Barbanel & Co) have shared a list of most needed items at this stage.

Some of these items are: Toiletries, Medical Supplies, Baby Goods (including Baby Clothes), Children’s Accessories, New Underwear, Towels, And NO More Clothing…

If you have extra items mentioned, you can drop them off locally in Bricket Wood at Chabad Of Bricket Wood (Latest drop off by us is Sunday Midday).

Amanda Barbanel (daughter of Angie & Leigh Starr) organisation – Give. Help. Share ( in conjunction with OakNorth Bank have arranged a lorry to drive to Poland on Monday to deliver supplies to Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

If you have extra clothing or supplies that you can donate, you can drop them off locally in Bricket Wood at Chabad Of Bricket Wood.

For more information contact Rabbi Tunk – 07947 469 610 (or see attached flyer)

Rabbi Eliezer & Chana Tunk 07947 469 610
Chabad-Lubavitch Bricket Wood & Districts is a branch under Lubavitch of Edgware, a subsidiary branch of Chabad Lubavitch UK. Registered Charity No. 227631

Suggestions for Donations

Pleased me mindful of your donations, as it’s extra work for busy volunteers having to sort through and discard items unsuitable of distribution.

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