About PSRA

The Park Street & District Residents’ Association (PSRA) was established in 1966 as a non-party political organisation and its purpose is to seek and represent residents’ views on matters affecting Park Street, Colney Street and Frogmore, to organise and support social events locally which will engage and unite the whole community, to act as a hub for communicating what is going on in the area and enhance the quality of village life and our environment.

Purposes & Aims

Our aims are

  • to ensure that Park Street and its districts remain desirable places to live and to raise funds for projects to improve its security, appearance and provide opportunities for social interaction
  • To regularly consult and inform all members with a twice-yearly news magazine, provided by hard copy to all homes in the districts covered by the Association. It is also available electronically via social media. A copy of the newsletter will be additionally available to all residents at the Parish office, doctor’s surgery, local churches and schools.
  • to represent the views of our residents on planning issues and to inform them on any key developments planned
  • to provide social events to bring a cross-section of residents together – the elderly, families, teenagers and those on their own
  • to work in close collaboration with St Stephens’ Parish and neighbouring Residents’ associations, Neighbourhood Watch, Park Street Village Hall, local businesses, other local groups and churches to meet these aims by working together on common local projects,  where appropriate
  • We support  equal opportunities and work for good relations amongst all residents of the community, as detailed in the Equal Opportunities Statement (see below).
  • We are always interested in meeting our residents and welcome them either to our monthly meetings and/or at the Annual General Meeting
  • We welcome new members and encourage everyone to get involved in supporting our village by volunteering to provide some of their time, when needed, or to join the Committee and contribute to planning and delivering the annual PSRA plan.

View our Constitution ratified and amended at our Annual General Meeting (AGM).

View notes from earlier AGM’s: 20212019, 2018, 2017

Who We Are

Chairman and PSRA News Editor: Joy Mendelsohn
Treasurer: Lucille Hurley
President: Dee Youngs
Secretary: Chris Matson
Events Coordinator: Simon Rapkin
Website and Social Media: Heidi Patterson Howson
Magazine Coordinator:
Committee Members: Jon Breen, Tom Giles, Julie Glass, Pam Miller, Hilary Robinson, Barbara Vernon

Come and Join Us!

We’re always interested in adding to our ranks and meeting new people. If you’re interested in making a difference in the community, send us a line, and find out more.