Park Street Food bank is saved!!

By Barbara Vernon from News From Park Street

Yesterday the generous, kind and supportive people of Park Street dug deep into their pockets and we are close to our £500 target. Plants and biscuits were bought and donations in envelopes posted through my door. THANK YOU! everyone, we are truly humbled by your generosity. We can guarantee local people in need will receive food for the next 3 weeks. Raj at Twinsco is still receiving donated items. Other items are purchased to make up the food bags. We can’t be complacent yet as I imagine help will be needed for a longer period of time. I am thinking of doing something similar next Saturday – June 6th. I will make (more) cakes and biscuits and put them outside my house asking for donations. I will post later in the week. If anyone has any ideas or anything they would like to contribute do please get in touch with me. 07577 638631. If anyone wishes to make a donation in the meantime please put it in an envelope and post it through my door (2 Mill Cottages, Burydell Lane, 2nd house on the left). Cheques can be made payable to Park Street Residents Association. All monies raised will be given to Park Street Residents Association who are organising and managing this enterprise.

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PSRA Food Drive Fundraiser is live!

Our JustGiving page is live. Click to donate.

No family should go without food during the coronavirus pandemic, but sadly, job losses have made families more vulnerable during this unprecedented time. Park Street Residents Association aims to lessen the burden by distributing food parcels to families most in need.

We’re working with the local schools How Wood Primary School and Nursery and Park Street Primary Schools to identify those families feeling the pinch, and ensuring those who need it most get help. The schools’ heads know the community well, and are the most informed as to who’s suffering. We respect their expertise. Right now we’re supplying 14 families each week, but we believe that number will increase by summer.

We’ve got £150 left for purchasing food and necessities, but it will run out after our next weekly shopping trip. Currently local hero Twinsco has a food donation point where generous residents have contributed vital food and supplies, and local baking heroes Wenzel’s provides fresh baked bread and other baked goods, which supplement our weekly parcels, but money is needed to fill each bag.

Please donate what money you can, to help your neighbours through this difficult time. Your generosity will help families get through this.

If you’re unable to donate through our JustGiving page, please consider buying essentials at Twinsco to leave in our drop off box.

If you prefer to donate directly, you can pay by cheque to Park Street Residents Association, 90 Maplefield, Park Street, St Albans AL2 2BH, or by dropping off cash at the address given.

Update! 30 May: Barbara Vernon, a friend to all our community, is accepting cash (in an envelope) or cheques (payable to Park Street Residents Association) on our behalf. If you prefer giving this way, you can drop off your donations through the door of 2 Mill Cottages, the second house on the left in Burydell Lane, just beyond Twinsco. Donations are already coming through! #psrafood

Facemask Guidance

To help people to interpret the government’s advice and choose the right face covering for their circumstances, the Public Health team from Hertfordshire County Council has developed guidance for employers and the public.

Among other advice given, good hygiene is stressed as your first line of defence, but if you believe you have symptoms of cornonavirus, wearing a mask may protect others from infection. Download the full report here.

Updated: Big thanks to Wenzel bakery supporting local families and the NHS

20/5 Weekly Update

Wenzel’s were very generous again this week with great cakes, sandwiches, salads and, of course, a wonderful selection of bread and rolls. How Wood school’s families were delighted and teachers also shared In the cakes. The bread was also distributed more widely-to many elderly people in locally who were very pleased to receive a fresh loaf.

The food parcels for some local families attending How Wood School continues. These are primarily funded by Park Street Residents Association (PSRA) and local people via the food donation point in Twinsco and complemented by Wenzel’s.

Thank you to all for your support to date and to a shout out to Krzysztof Kaczowka from Wenzel’s bakery and Raj at Twinsco!

13/5: Updated with photos from Barnet Hospital.

PSRA would like to extend enormous thanks to Kryzysztof Kaczowka and the Wenzel bakers locally who have provided, free of charge, two large bags containing many types of artisan breads and rolls, an excellent range of high quality cakes including donuts, iced buns, iced Belgian buns, iced Danish pastries, a selection of delicious sandwiches, filled rolls, baguettes, wraps and pasta salads.

Selections of these were taken to How Wood school for them to deliver today, alongside food parcels from the PSRA, to individual families in Park Street.

Update! In addition to support for local families, this gift from Wenzel enabled our former chair Dee to include 4 carrier bags full of sandwiches and cakes for NHS staff at Barnet General Hospital today in honour of 100 years of nursing. These treats were much appreciated by the staff, and of course Dee and her PT friends (Bren, Kirsten and Jacqui) homemade snacks, and delivered by Sarah from Easyjet, went down a treat!

Thanks Wenzel! 

Photo by Andrew Wong on Unsplash