2020’s Best Kept Garden Second & Third Prizes Awarded

Congratulations to Grazyna Smal of Penn Road, and Ian & Sue Getley for their award-winning gardens. Grazyna took 2nd Place in the PSRA Best Kept Front Garden, and received a £25 gardener’s gift card and certificate, and Sue and Ian were awarded a £10 gift card and certificate for their gorgeous blooms.

Grazyna in her lovely garden on Penn Road. Well done, Grazyna!
Ian and Sue posing by their impressive Park Street Lane garden. Well done, you two!

Header photo by Gemma Evans on Unsplash

2020’s Best Kept Garden Announced

Congratulations to Winston and Cathy Bothwell, of Burston Drive on their magnificent garden, which our Committee members chose from a several very lovely gardens in our Village which were nominated by members of the community.

Here’s one half of our Events team, Christine, presenting Winston with his engraved Champion’s cup. In addition to this handsome cup, he also received a £50 gift certificate to Burston’s, which undoubtedly will come in handy.

A portion of the Bothwell’s winning front garden

Congratulations to all the worthy gardens nominated, and of course, thank you for your feedback and nominations.

Header photo by Gemma Evans on Unsplash

PSRA Best Front Garden 2020: Nominees Requested!

As you may have read in an earlier post, the St Stephens Parish in Bloom competition has been cancelled this year, but luckily we decided to go ahead with our annual local competition, which of course needs your input and help.

We are seeking your support in sending us nominations for the PSRA Best Front Garden 2020 Competition. This year has been a difficult one so far but many have spent  increased time in their gardens and, as these gardens have given us all such pleasure, it would be great to recognise them.

So please, do get in touch with your nominations, which can be your own garden, a friend’s, or even a garden you passed on your daily walk! Photos and garden’s address are key. Always check first with the garden owner, as they may not want the attention, however gorgeous their work may be.

The first prize will be awarded the 2020 Champion’s Cup and a £50 voucher from Burstons

Here’s the other prizes: 2nd Prize £25 Burstons gardening voucher; 3rd Prize Burstons £10 gardening voucher

The closing date for nominations will be 10 July 2020.

Please send the address and name of persons and ideally, attach a photo of the garden to:  events@psra.org.uk. Thank you in advance for your help and we look forward to hearing from you.

Cheeky photo of your Editrix’s front garden. It’s not nearly as well-kept as the other marvels around the Village, so enter yours!