PSRA’s Best Front Garden Competition: Nominations Extended to 17 July

Due to the rotten weather, we’ve extended the submissions deadline one more week for our competition, in the hope that we’ll actually see brighter skies, and you’ll have better light for your photos. Tip: Friday the 9th is looking like the sunniest day so far!

Scan this code and start your entry!

Submit your garden, or your favourite neighbour’s garden photos at or scan the UPC code and upload straight from your phone. Up to 5 photos allowed. If you’d like to enter your garden but would prefer your address not be used, that’s fine, too. If this form seems too tricky, email us your details instead. Deadline 17th July.

Please share with your neighbours, and get in your photos!

The first prize will be awarded the 2021 Champion’s Cup and a £50 voucher from Burstons; 2nd Prize £25 Burstons gardening voucher; 3rd Prize Burstons £10 gardening voucher.

Photo by Dele Oke on Unsplash


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