2020’s Best Kept Garden Announced

Congratulations to Winston and Cathy Bothwell, of Burston Drive on their magnificent garden, which our Committee members chose from a several very lovely gardens in our Village which were nominated by members of the community.

Here’s one half of our Events team, Christine, presenting Winston with his engraved Champion’s cup. In addition to this handsome cup, he also received a £50 gift certificate to Burston’s, which undoubtedly will come in handy.

A portion of the Bothwell’s winning front garden

Congratulations to all the worthy gardens nominated, and of course, thank you for your feedback and nominations.

Header photo by Gemma Evans on Unsplash

One thought on “2020’s Best Kept Garden Announced

  1. Wonderful to see Cathy and Winston win this. Visited with them and their beautiful garden a few years ago coming from Brisbane Australia. I have plants in my garden from them when visiting us

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