National Parish Magazine Awards 2021

We’re happy to share Park Street News achieved 40th place out of 330 entries in the A5 category in the National Parish Magazine Awards. Congratulations to Joy for all her hard work as editor!

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Dear Joy,

The results of the 2021 National Parish Magazine Awards have at last been finalised which we are pleased to announce today.

Out of 330 entries, your magazine achieved 40th place in the A5 magazine category. 

  A5 Magazine Category
1st and Best Overall Magazine – The Messenger (Gislingham)
2nd and Best Content – The Magazine (Falmouth)
3rd and Best Design – Whitton Ways (Froxfield)
4th and Best Editor – News and Views (Caythorpe)
Joint 5th and Best Print – The Virginia Water Magazine
                                        The Magazine (Sunningdale)

Thank you for taking part in this years competition and we hope you will enter again next year.

Kind regards,

Paul Orsborn
Awards Co-Ordinator

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

One thought on “National Parish Magazine Awards 2021

  1. Great News to see the hard work and effort rewarded in these awards. Better still to see the rewards to the local community and the people within it Keep upi the good workk.

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