Sustainability Festival 2021: Count Us In!

As part of this week’s Sustainability Fest, we’ve partnered with other groups and individuals at Count Us In, whose mission is to inspire 1 billion citizens to significantly reduce their carbon pollution and challenge leaders to deliver bold, global change.

Count Us In has singled out 16 steps which are the most effective way to reduce our carbon pollution and persuade others to do the same. Of these 16, we here at PSRA have chosen to reduce food waste, which this is one of the easiest steps we can take, as it’s stuff we already have, but don’t properly utilise! In the process, we believe that if we can recruit 25 people to do the same, we will save money and learn more skills, and even add a few new recipes to our arsenals!

Will you pledge to help us? Please leave a comment or drop us an email and let us know you’re in!

Sign up your family or work, and contribute to our step

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Some of Our Favourite Resources

NEW! Cook Clever, Waste Less with Prue & Rupy is a new series which airs in May and aims to transform the cooking and food shopping habits of four British families. This couldn’t have come at a better time, and promises to heighten awareness of this modern problem which impacts us all.

The Healthyish Guide to Low-Waste Cooking: The American magazine Bon Appetit’s guide is one of the clearest and most clever guides we’ve found for reducing food waste and using up scraps which would normally go in your compost bin. “Everything you need to know to cook, eat, and live sustainably” isn’t far off the mark at all! There’s even a chart to put up near your compost container if you positively can’t use your scraps.

Please don’t avoid trying a recipe simply because it’s in other units and you hate having to do the maths, download an app to do that for you: Kitchen Dial for iPhone, or My Kitchen Calculator for Androids and iPhones

Count Us In’s guide to reducing food waste

LOVE FOOD hate waste is an enormous site with the latest information on what we can do to reduce food waste, including leftover food recipe database, use by guides and so much more!

We hope this is helpful. And once again, to learn more about the 2021 Sustainability Festival, visit for 100+ events building environmental sustainability – across St Albans, Harpenden and the villages.

For a full list of food seminars & projects during SustFest, visit to plan your week

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