Congratulations to Our Winning House & Front Garden

The votes are in, the competition is now closed, and we’re happy to announce the winner of the best house and front garden of the Christmas season. We’re pleased that the competition took off, and that the community participated enthusiastically by nominating several beautifully decorated homes and front gardens.

Out of all the beautiful entries, the community chose…

65 Orchard Drive!

Chairman Joy and web editor Heidi visited Mark, Stacy, Evie and Abby Thursday evening and presented them with their prize–a lovely Christmas hamper created by our Committee member Barbara Vernon. Our visit gave us a chance to see the joyous and light-hearted decorations up close, and experience some much needed Christmas cheer.

Here’s a sampling of the winning decorations. Apologies for the low light in some of the photos, particularly the crucial family shot.

Mark’s ambitious decorations are an annual labour of love, taking over half a day to set up, which includes braving heights, slippery tiles, spiky branches and more! The effort has paid off, clearly, as every year more neighbours add to the festive spirit by decorating their own houses and front gardens.

Thank you, one and all for your participation. We hope you’ll have a chance to experience the wonder of the season and your neighbour’s creativity. Take a look at everybody who participated here:

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