Sustainability Festival 2021: PSRA Activities

Throughout the week we’re posting updates here on how to live sustainably. There’s loads of events happening throughout the area, and this year PSRA is participating in virtual events that you can do in your home, or on local walks.

Here’s a list of our latest posts for SustFest21:
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We’d be remiss in not crediting WildLife Watch, for its huge site, which provided so many of the projects we’ve featured. There truly is something for everyone there, so do spend a few hours there, and support them in any way you can.

Here’s some family things happening elsewhere for the week:

Scavenger Hunts & Activities

We’ve got several scavenger hunts for you. Print any of these, and when you’re done, send us a photo of what you found, and we’ll your photo on our site if you like!

Spot the Leaf!

Find these leaves when you’re out and about. Download this sheet and check off what you find, or clip a leaf and add it to your own nature scrap book.

Go even further and educate yourself on British trees, or download a leaf finder here:

What Gender is that Bird?

So this comes in handy when you run across a bird you haven’t met.

Download this sheet and check off which birds you’re able to find.

This is an interesting find: Let us know if you’re lucky and you see one!

Find a Black Bird

You’ll meet several of these birds while you’re out in the Village, although it’d be very rare to see a Chough in How Wood!

Download this sheet and check off which birds you’re able to find.

Projects to Do at Home

Here’s things to make at home, some of which will make an impact on local animals, and who doesn’t like seeing them thrive? We’ve collected some super projects that can make a big impact on our wild friends. If you make any of these, send us a photo of what you and your creation(s), so we can feature your photo on the site if you want!

Make Dandelion Tea

There’s still loads of dandelions all about, so there’s time left to brew Dandelion Tea to share at your next tea party, or with your family!

We found a blog about tea, and Dandelion Tea’s benefits if you would like to know why people enjoy drinking it.

Build a Hedgehog House

They’re out and about, snuffling around for something to eat, but perhaps they’d appreciate a safe place to shelter?

Here’s a rather ambitious plan for your own hedgehog house which you could use in a garden, or create as a gift for a nature lover’s birthday.

Learn all about how to help hedgehogs at Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary. They’re giving an informative livestream event on Facebook from 2-2.45PM Saturday 29 May, that’s free to attend. Book here:

Help a Hedgehog Travel About

This project looks lots of fun. And you can take it further by registering your highway at

Here’s a map of other highways. At the time of publication there were 122 Holes and 595 hedgehogs found in AL2 St Albans area!

Hedgehog Map

For a full list of 100+ events building environmental sustainability – across St Albans, Harpenden and the villages – visit

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