PSRA Survey Responses

Here are the results of our survey from earlier this year. 19 actual residents responded to the Survey.  Therefore, certainly not a statistically significant sample but some valuable feedback all the same.

If you participated in it, we thank you for your contribution.

2. Do you have any constructive feedback on your experience of PSRA to date? (13 responses)

  • I heartily approve of the new invigorated PSRA over the last year or so and the change from the days when our 50p subscription only produced another visit a year later!
  • Jon was helpful with the road safety and wall in frogmore. But feel the psra is oblivious to the frogmore area and has caused issues to be missed. Not sure on the relationship between PSRA and councillors.
  • Only as a road agent
  • More support for Frogmore.
  • Doing a great job
  • Impressed with what you have done so far.
  • As an existing register Member, I have been receiving the regular magazines.
  • Park Street News has removed itself (a result of the hindernet) from the community
  • Too heavy a reliance on internet and services
  • No (4 responses)

3. Are there any areas of focus you would wish the PSRA to include? (12 responses)

  • No (3 responses)
  • I have noticed on the Park Street Facebook group what seems to be an increase in local crime or at least the perception of an increase. Maybe you could oversee any strategic liaison with Herts Police?
  • Road Safety + the areas traditionally missed. Seems a lot of focus in Park Street, but Frogmore is missed (is it not included?)
  • Burglary
  • Frogmore seems to be forgotten about, especially when it comes to Parish involvement with the HLB. Frogmore has not benefited from the parish HLB for at least 5 years yet How wood and Park street benefited every year for at least the last 5.
  • Putting back the village sign and bench at the bottom of Penn road
  • Social nuisance
  • Keep up the good work!
  • New business and on going businesses – and the natural beauty of the area egRiver VER
  • Keep it Local – support local people and businesses

8. Could you provide some feedback on the magazine if you’ve read it yet? (8 responses)

  • I only dip in occasionally
  • Bit meh and repetitive.
  • No, quite happy as is
  • No
  • Delivery problem
  • I think whenever we decide to address any particular issue using our PSRA magazine or website, which could be a politically sensitive issue, we must always invite, obtain and include the contributions containing every political view equally. This will of course, enhance our own PSRA’s position among our residents, for being totally impartial and independent always!
  • A good range of adverts versus information in the area for residents
  • Many great aspects. Perhaps a review on local businesses what they do ? Services

13. Do you have any constructive feedback on the website? (7 responses)

  • No (2 responses)
  • Join up the website, Facebook & Twitter. Are past issues of the mag online?
  • Didnt know there was a website
  • The present website information is good enough.
  • Websites are a diiferent marketing facility – reaching many, but lacking in spirit.
  • It is above the average

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