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First Annual Easter Treasure Hunt 5 April

Mark your calendars for PSRA’s 1st annual Easter Treasure Hunt, 5th April from 10am-Noon on the Park Street Rec. Children under 12 are invited to solve 20 clues from our treasure map. There’ll be prizes for those who solve some of the questions. The trail is off-road, and clearly marked, ending back at the Rec.Continue reading “First Annual Easter Treasure Hunt 5 April”

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You Can Help! Laptops

There’s so many ways to help your neighbours and community without even having to leave the house. We’d like to start highlighting organisations in need of your help and generosity in blog posts as we see them. Today we’re sharing a Tweet from Communities 1st, about donating unused laptops to children without this vital tool.Continue reading “You Can Help! Laptops”


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