Proposed Constitution Changes


PSRA Constitution


The name of the Association shall be The Park Street and District Residents Association (hereinafter called the “Association”). The business address of the Association will be that deemed most appropriate by the sitting committee, and advertised in the Newsletter and on the Association Web Site.  They may also agree to the use of an email address solely.




The objectives of the Association are generally, by mutual effort of the members:

  • To represent all the residents within the Association area.
  • To build a strong and fair minded organisation.
  • To provide a voice for its residents by providing moral support for candidates, who are independent of any political party, for local (Parish) government elections.
  • To make local government representatives more aware of the views and feelings of residents individually and collectively.
  • To use all legal means available to fight erosion of the Metropolitan Green Belt.
  • To promote, support and achieve changes and improvements to the quality of life for local people and their communities.
  • To foster community spirit and encourage the provision of facilities for recreation and amenity where possible.
  • Regularly consult and inform all members with a newsletter, provided electronically via social media (where possible). A copy of the newsletter will be additionally available to all residents at the Parish office, doctor’s surgery, local churches and schools
  • Represent the views of the community.
  • Be non party political.
  • Promote membership to all residents of the community.
  • To promote equal opportunities and work for good relations amongst all residents of the community as detailed in the Equal Opportunities Statement.




  • Qualification for membership will be residents in Park Street (includes Colney Street, Frogmore and How Wood).
  • Membership is gained on payment of one Annual Subscription per household.
  • All members have the opportunity to be a Committee Member.
  • All members are eligible to vote at the AGM


Road Agents


  • A Road Agent must be a member of the Association and be responsible to the Association.
  • Generally, a Road Agent in the road or roads in his/her charge will:
    • Deliver Association literature and newsletters as approved by the Committee.
    • Collect Annual Subscriptions.
    • Represent the views of his/her members to the Committee.
    • Promote the Association to new and existing residents
  • A list of road agents is available upon request




  • A quorum for a Committee meeting shall be 50% of Committee Members.
  • At the Annual General Meeting the following officers are to be elected: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Minutes Secretary, Plans Secretary, Events Coordinator and Newsletter Editor.
  • Committee Members shall hold office for one year, but shall be eligible for re-election at the AGM, except that no Committee Member shall where possible serve in any one capacity for more than five years, unless no one else is prepared to stand. Former Officers shall be eligible for re-election after an absence of one year from that post.
  • A Committee Officer may resign at any time by providing a minimum of two month’s written notice to the Committee. If a Committee Officer resigns, a temporary Officer may be appointed by majority vote to cover such duties.  The  post would then be elected  at the next AGM
  • Committee meetings of the Association will normally be held monthly, at a time and place as agreed by the Committee.
  • The Committee may appoint Sub-Committees to carry out specific functions, within the terms of reference as specified by the Committee.
  • Any Committee vacancies occurring during the year may be filled at the discretion of the Committee.




  • The Annual Subscription shall be an amount agreed at the Annual General Meeting.
  • The Committee and administrators shall be unpaid, but legitimate expenses may be met if approved by the Committee. Copies of expenses claimed will be made available upon request to the Treasurer.
  • The Association bank shall be that chosen by the Committee for the time being, the branch to be one convenient to the Association.
  • The financial affairs of the Association shall be administered by the Treasurer as approved by the Committee.
  • The use of IT is permitted assuming that anti-virus is installed and up to date.
  • Signatories of cheques & bank payments shall be any two of three officers of the Association.
  • A balance sheet and Income-Expenditure Account will be prepared by the Treasurer. These will be audited by one or more auditors who are not Committee Members, approved at the Annual General Meeting and presented for adoption at each Annual General Meeting.  A copy of the audited accounts will be available to view on application.







  • Present serving Councillors, except those Independent Parish Councillors supported by the Association, will not be permitted to serve on the Association Committee as Committee members
  • All correspondence may be addressed to the Association. And to any member of the committee as  agreed and appointed to represent the Association
  • The Chairman and/or Gen. Secretary shall each be authorised to act on behalf of PSRA representing the view of the overall committee/members. Or another Committee member may be appointed in a temporary capacity as agreed by the committee.
  • Issues which could have a direct impact on a substantial proportion of members of PSRA should be discussed and agreed by the Committee in advance of action. If urgent action is required then it should be agreed by the Chairman and Gen. Secretary and brought to the next committee meeting.
  • Members and/or residents shall not call at the home of any Committee member on Association business except by prior appointment.
  • An Annual General Meeting will be called by the Committee within two months of the end of the financial year, this being the last day of February
  • General meetings may be called by the Committee at any time.
  • An Extraordinary General Meeting must be called when requested in writing to the General Secretary signed by at least fifteen members.
  • At least seven days’ notice of any General Meeting must be given to all members. Dates will be published in the newsletter, on Parish notice boards, the PSRA Website and all other means of communication currently deployed by the Committee.
  • A quorum at any Annual General Meeting shall be fifteen voting members.



Equally Opportunities Statement

  1. This Association recognises that all sections of the community have a positive contribution to make to the life of the village. This Association will represent the interest of all local residents to the best of its ability.
  2. Our Association is open to all persons in the local community and we will ensure our meetings and any other Association activities are accessible and welcoming to all residents.
  3. All individual members of the Association will be responsible for helping the Association to meet these aims


The Committee shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of this constitution and these rules and the foregoing constitution and rules shall not be altered except at a General Meeting.


Any proposed alteration of this constitution and its rules shall be notified to members when giving notice of the Annual General Meeting, and at least within seven days of the next AGM.


Each member shall have the right to propose a rule or an amended rule in writing and a vote on this proposal must be taken at the next AGM.


The Constitution and Equal Opportunities Statement has been adopted at an Annual General Meeting of the Association.



Held at _________Park Street Parish Hall ___________________________


On      ________25th April 2017 ________________________________



Signed _________________________________________________ (Chair)



Signed ______________________________________________ (Secretary)

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