Park Street Neighbourhood Watch will be 20 years old this September, and we’re celebrating our anniversary by holding a photographic competition for pictures on the subject of ‘Park Street: A beautiful, peaceful, and safe place to live’. With the generous sponsorship of local estate agents JW&Co Langleys, we’re offering a £100 prize to the winner, £50 to the runner up – and with the support of Park Street Camera Club a £25 extra prize for an entrant under the age of 16.

Park Street Camera Club are also supplying our Senior Judge, the CACC-accredited Dave Hipperson, but this is an amateur competition for everyone, and no specialist camera equipment is required. Mobile phones are quite good enough, and entries will be submitted digitally rather than as prints – just send them to us by email!

Winners will be announced at a special Park Street Neighbourhood Watch Open Meeting on October 24th at Park Street Village Hall, when we’ll also be holding our AGM and annual Wine & Cheese party. More details of the evening will be announced nearer the time.


  1. The competition is open to all members of Park Street Neighbourhood Watch, except professional photographers or anyone involved in the judging. Membership is free, and any non-member who’d like to enter the competition can join either by using the Online Watch Link ‘Watch Finder’ here, or by emailing us directly at . Remember that if any one member of a household is enrolled in the OWL system and receives our emails then everyone else at the same address is also a member, so you may be one without knowing it!
  2. The competition opens at 09.00am on 1st August 2017 and will close at 5pm on 5th October 2017. Entries must be submitted during this time, but the photographs themselves may have been taken any time in the two years prior to the competition ending.
  3. The theme for the competition is ‘Park Street: A beautiful, peaceful, and safe place to live’, and pictures should celebrate some element of the village’s beauty and peacefulness or the safety of its community. This might mean a stunning landscape or a scene of cricket on the recreation ground, but it could also be an illustration of everyday life, from a postman on his rounds to a walker putting their dog’s poo into the correct bin! Be imaginative – but remember the pictures are primarily to promote our village, so the more specific they are to Park Street the better.
  4. Although some of our members live further afield in Colney Street and Harper Lane, the photographs themselves must be taken within Park Street, which for the purpose of this competition is held to include How Wood and Frogmore. As there is some uncertainty over the borders, we are limiting the area to that enclosed by the North Orbital Road to the north, the North Orbital and Lye Lane to the west, the M25 to the south, and the Thameslink railway line and footpath bordering Napsbury to the east. Anything within the red line on this map is acceptable:

  1. Entries should be submitted in the form of jpegs, which must be saved with the title of the picture plus full name of the entrant – eg ‘Morning Walk’ by Elizabeth Bishop. These should be sent by email to with ‘Park Street NW Photographic Competition’ in the subject line. The body of the email should repeat picture title and full name of the entrant, but must also include their address, telephone number, and a statement of age if the entrant will be 16 or under at the close of the competition.
  2. Competitors may enter up to TWO images in the competition, but each entry must be sent in a separate email.
  3. Entries should be of as high a resolution as possible. Digital enhancement is permitted, as long as the integrity of the original subject is maintained.
  4. Entrants must be the sole author of their photographs, and the owner of all copyright in the images.
  5. It is the responsibility of the entrant to ensure they have the necessary permissions of any people or private property being photographed. Particular care must be taken with children, where the permission of parents will be required, and entrants should remember that photographs may receive considerable exposure online.
  6. Entrants will retain full copyright over their images, but by entering the competition they grant the non-exclusive right to both Park Street Neighbourhood Watch and JW&Co Langleys to reproduce the images for any purpose at any time in any media, provided the pictures are unaltered and attribution is given to the original author.
  7. The winners will be announced and prizes presented on October 24th at the occasion of Park Street Neighbourhood Watch’s Annual General Meeting.



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