Join Park Street Neighbourhood Watch

Why should you join Park Street Neighbourhood Watch (PSNW)?

By becoming a PSNW member, you take the first steps to making the village in which you live a stronger and safer place to be. We encourage you to connect with your neighbours and others within your community who also share your desire to help others.

Through the OWL messaging service, we and the Police send you updates about important local news, campaigns and crime prevention advice, relevant to our members.

A Watch scheme operates in YOUR road and when you join, we can provide you with a welcome pack which contains useful information and NHW warning stickers for your window/door. You also receive the Park Street magazine which contains news from both PSRA and PSNW and other village organisations twice annually.

By joining through the PSRA website and sending your annual donation of £3.50 via your bank or via PayPal you gain the benefit of membership to both main local community organisations.

There are options to the method of joining PSNW, firstly through our messaging service, by visiting, or send us a request to join at our local mail box. You will be glad you chose one of these options!