PSRA’s Best Kept Front Garden 2021: Nominees Requested!

We are seeking your support in sending us nominations for the PSRA Best Kept Front Garden 2021 Competition. So please, submit your photo(s), up to 5, which can be your own garden, a friend’s, or even a garden you passed on your daily walk! Photos and garden’s address are key.  Always check first with the garden owner, as they may not want the attention, however gorgeous their work may be!

Nominations start 28 June. The closing date for nominations will be 11 July 2021.

The first prize will be awarded the 2021 Champion’s Cup and a £50 voucher from Burstons, 2nd Prize £25 Burstons gardening voucher; 3rd Prize Burstons £10 gardening voucher

Cover Photo: Some of the gardens submitted in 2020


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