What’s going on in Park Street?

Upcoming Events and Key News

Here’s a list of our upcoming events, which as you probably already know, are outdoors. We hope you’ll come and join us in August and September for these worthy fundraisers.

Come to this joint event with local resident and volunteer for OSPA, Rachael Temple, to raise funds for our respective and important charities. The Foodbank is very close to home and OSPA further afield, where there are few resources available. Therefore, we are happy to support Rachael in this initiative, too.

Rachael has been a volunteer  over the last couple of years and visits Cape Verde whenever she can, taking donations, medicines, bandages and collars. She makes dehydrated dog treats here in the UK and sells these to raise funds for OSPA. At the moment there are no tourists so OSPA are feeding and treating the stray and beach dogs.

She is also a master in Teddy Tombolas!

In addition to the Teddies, Barbara Vernon will be selling her delicious cakes to raise funds for the PSRA food bank, and her cakes normally sell out very quickly. There will also be plants, swimming accessories, masks and more.

For more information on OSPA, visit https://www.facebook.com/ospacapeverdecatsanddogs

Date: Saturday 22 August 

10.00 -13.00 hrs
Outside 34 Oliver Close, Park Street (opp the Recreation ground) 
Social distancing will be observed.

PSRA Coffee and Cake Macmillan Social

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  1. Dee Youngs

    Hi chaps,
    Are you aware that Butterfly is targeted for closure? There is a campaign raising momentum on twitter to get celebrities, specially those who saw it/are interested, to save it and also this should be raised with other Residents’ Associations. SORE lack of PR am sure has caused the demise of i…considering they do a Fireworks event very year too – am surprised this has only just come to light

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