8 November: Remembrance Sunday

On this most solemn of days, PSRA was on hand to honour those fallen in conflicts. Social distancing was obviously in effect, however, several PSRA committee members were present when Joy read a poem in remembrance. Taking a Stand   I ask you to stand with me For both the injured and the lost IContinue reading “8 November: Remembrance Sunday”

John James Bell, 29 January 1943 – 31st December 2019

The very sad news of John’s death stunned the community in which he worked tirelessly for more than twenty years. John lived in Park Street before moving to Chiswell Green, and both his sons, Richard and Stephen, attended How Wood School. Life after work for John was a constant round of community service, (with theContinue reading “John James Bell, 29 January 1943 – 31st December 2019”