4 Areas of Focus for PSRA’s Plans

PSRA’s purpose is to seek and represent residents’ views on matters affecting Park Street, Colney Street and Frogmore, to organise and support social events locally which will engage and unite the whole community, to act as a hub for communicating what is going on in the area and, thereby, enhance the quality of village life and our environment.


One: Provide An Annual Calendar of Events

Provide opportunities through the year to engage with all segments of the community through an annual calendar of events

Spring/early summer  -May – Wellbeing Day (PSRA main fundraising event aimed at all groups)

Summer – Mid July – Games/treasure hunt in PS Recreation Ground (families)

Autumn – September – Macmillan Cancer Tea/Coffee  charity fundraising (all ages)

Autumn – November –  Build on existing events organised by others ie. PSRA to provide hot drinks/cakes in Village Hall for all attending Memorial Service for nominal cost (all  ages)

December –  Xmas Lights (children/families/all ages)

Create a Park Street and District “ Skills Bank” by asking  the community if they have specific skills and time – to be called upon on a “needs basis” eg for Xmas lights.

Two: Drive forward selected community projects using all available resources including volunteers’ time, fundraising, grants

Identify community projects

Identify  grants available and fundraising opportunities to deliver PSRA proposed projects

Eg Community Food Bank, Just Giving During Covid-19 pandemic

Three: Continue to develop PSRA’s ability to communicate effectively with all residents

Share the PSRA purpose, Aims, Core Focus  to raise awareness of PRSA and increase number of volunteers and members/subscriptions (September 2020)

Undertake a survey to find out what residents want from PSRA  on paper and on line (September 2020)

Consider other methods to  communicate with those without internet access, currently through 2 newseltters per year and notice boards

Invest in  improving PSRA’s  social media presence (Twitter and FaceBook currently) to possible extend to to Instagram.

Through PSRA website provide a “communications hub” for all that is going on within Park Street and district  (with links to these as appropriate). Promote activities and  encourage involvement and feedback.  Encourage ongoing two way interaction/dialogue with residents  via an ability to submit questions on PSRA website

Gain ideas from Committee and residents on the focus for the content of the 2 PSRA Newsletters each year

Eg 2 magazines per year; website & social media

Four: Support environmental, planning, sustainability and safety initiatives

Creation of a community orchard located in Chiswell Green.

Get local community involved in planting  trees and new hedgerows. NB  needs planning 2 years in advance re ordering of trees and bushes from Woodland Trust FOC.

Planning/developments – provide information on status of proposed planning developments in Newsletters  for those who do not have online access. Provide a link online to other places where details can be found.  Relay any feedback to Planning contacts in Parish and St Albans District Council, as appropriate.

Understand the safety and security concerns of residents, share these with relevant parties and support initiatives to address these concerns, where appropriate.

Eg Safety Barriers