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Park Street is a village in southwest Hertfordshire County, UK, just north of London and near St Albans. Watling Street, the original Roman road between London and Verulamium (now St Albans), runs through the middle of our village (map).

We are a growing community that values its traditions. There is lots to do here, including walking, riding, cycling and jogging in the Green Belt countryside that surrounds our village – and we’re less than half an hour from central London. (There’s plenty to do here, though: see our local groups and clubs.)

Oh, yes: in 2011 we won Hertfordshire Village of the Year West and in 2009 we won Hertfordshire Village of the Year (Environment Category), both awarded by the Campaign for the Protection of the Rural Environment. Not that we’re boastful; we let Wikipedia do that for us.

Find out more within this site, and catch up on our history here.



6 thoughts on “Welcome to Park Street online

  1. Harold and Carole Pomerance

    Think all residents in the area of Park St., should be aware of the proposed developement adjacent to Old Orchard,behind Watling St., which consists of 1.1acres. This land has alread been cleared with the intention of building
    10 houses!! This is Green Belt Land which once more is being grabbed by
    greedy developers – please don’t let this happen, make your displeasure felt – think what this would do to an already overcrowded area.

  2. Rodney

    I agree completely with your sentiment about preventing the building of yet more houses on the green belt land. If this gets passed it will open a flood gate for more an more social housing to be built and only benefits the house builders by giving them profit. Let’s stop this before it gets too far!

  3. Paul King

    The application for this proposed development off Old Orchard has now been submitted (ref: 5/2014/0316). Please take a look at the documents on the Council’s website and be sure to respond to the Council, stating your objections. Remember if planning permission is granted on this parcel of Green Belt land, there will be little preventing similar proposals being passed on all of the adjacent Green Belt land from Tippendell Lane to the M10 roundabout. This is most definitely not just an issue for those living in Old Orchard and Hawfield Gardens.

  4. Sarah Peil

    Like the changes to the website. An upcoming events overview would helpful

  5. Hi Sarah, We have actually just started trialling a calender function on the sidebar, as well as looking at a dedicated page for events. Hopefully this addresses your wishes but please let me know if you have further comments.

  6. Francis

    Does anyone know anything about the original old orchard where the houses are built ? History ?

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