Request for Volunteers: Footpaths on Fields South of How Wood Station

We wish to make a claim regarding the “walked” footpath across the field South of the rail line at How Wood, as indicated on the attached map.

Anybody who has walked these paths on a regular basis (at least once a year) for twenty years period or more (over the past Fifty/Sixty years and would be prepared to give evidence, please contact: Jon Breen   and he will send you an evidence form to fill out and will assist you with any problems.

Edit: Added this explanation from committee member Hilary Robinson:

Registering these footpaths logs them as being an official Right of Way.  Once they are logged and recorded that people have been using them regularly for over 20 years, they are an official Right of Way. The Ramblers Association has a lot of details about this, and you can search for Herts information here too:…/rights-of-way-law.aspx

3 thoughts on “Request for Volunteers: Footpaths on Fields South of How Wood Station

  1. Pamela Roberts

    Why are we being asked this question? I used to walk a dog very frequently for many years around the area of South of How Wood station over to Moor Mill. The field is adjacent to one of the foot paths around the lakes

  2. Derrick Davies

    We moved to Park Street in Aug 78 with 2 children under 3.These walks have been an intergral part of our life ever since.Grandchildren(7)have come and gone but we are still enamoured with the area with our dog,these walks are an escape from the trials and tribulations of the current worldly problems……

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