Christmas Lights Switch-On Review

On Thursday 2 December in the cold night air, we hosted our annual Christmas light switch-on, which has been been a long time in coming back, thanks to the pandemic.

Joy opened the event with a thank you to all the shopkeepers who had stayed open and the PSRA team, and introduced Phil Sherman for the countdown to the switch-on. Phil thanked PSRA for inviting him and told us how he loved the village and gave a potted history of his time here. He did amazingly in finishing his speech quickly just in perfect time for the lights on!

The choirs of Park Street and How Wood schools sang 4 songs. The teachers did a fab job sorting them and Joy accompanied on piano. They were angelic!  The band Badje continued to play as Wood You and the team supplied free mince pies, mulled wine and cordial for the kids. They raised £70 for their charity, thanks to kind members of the public.

Bok n Rose did great trade on BBQ, Keech stayed open late and helped hand out our free fare, Lily Alley had a raffle and some lovely Xmas discounts, and Simmons Bakery and Kraft Stationery stayed open late as well.

The event was really well attended by the public, parents, friends and family, Councillors Ajanta Hilton and Stella Nash, Syed Abidi, Richard Curthoys, Dave Parry and 3 lovely police officers.

Special thanks to Chris and Lucille for the Santa Lucky Dip, and Dee  for drumming up support, Jon and Dennis who did a fab job on logistics and litter pick, and Barbara who distributed sweets. Thank you to former colleagues Christine and Lorraine who were on hand to step in and help!

All in all, it was a joyous evening and a long-awaited return to a beloved Village tradition.

-Thank you to Dee for the words!

Images & Video of the Night

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