Artist Spotlight: Dave Gowlett

Meet Dave Gowlett, a relative newcomer to our Village. Dave was born and grew up in Essex, where he lived with his family after he married, but he moved with his wife to Park Street in 2019 to be closer to one of his sons and their family.

Although Dave isn’t an artist by trade, he was a keen amateur photographer in his teens, using a dark room and the technology of the day. After retirement, the photography bug returned and he’s keen to have his camera out for any great shot which arises. He uses Nikon cameras and Sigma lenses, and processes his shots in PhotoShop.

A keen traveller, Dave and his wife have been all over the world, including Australia, where one of their sons lives, Alaska, South Africa, Iceland and much of Europe. His favourite shots are of an expressive woman in Vietnam. After her first photo, she demanded a dollar for the other photos, which as you can see were well worth it. (The last 5 in the gallery.)

Here’s a generous selection of some of his favourite photos, which include his visit to Vietnam, and a sojourn in Croatia, a few abstract shots and some gorgeous local wildlife from around and within Park Street.

Thank you, Dave!

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