Covid-19 Information Champion Update Issue 27 w/b 26 July

It’s important to remember that what’s comfortable to one person won’t be the same for everyone. The most important thing right now is for us all to keep doing the things which stop infection – and keep each other safe.

If you know someone with a question or concern which has caused them to delay their vaccination, you don’t have to be an expert to help them, just encourage them to look at our online information centre, and frequently asked questions here:

Please get vaccinated – don’t let a case of COVID spoil your summer.

  • Hands
  • Face
  • Space
  • Fresh air

Rapid test and vaccinations


Concerns about pregnancy and fertility are regularly cited by people who haven’t yet had their vaccination – it’s crucial that the known risks of COVID to pregnant women aren’t overshadowed by misinformation about vaccinations. The BBC have created a really helpful short video about the vaccination and pregnancy and there are excellent resources available on the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists’ website.

If you or your family need financial or practical help and advice with the cost of food or fuel, please get in touch with HertsHelp: Visit  email or call 0300 123 4044


Needle Phobia – Watch a short video from a young resident and Click Here for resources at Anxiety UK

The Government has created a SHARE checklist to help and protect you from false information online.

You can find more information about the vaccination programme, including FAQs and resources for adults with learning disabilities and resources in different languages and formats Click Here

For more information and guidance for Residents and Businesses during the pandemic please Click Here

Continue to develop PSRA’s ability to communicate effectively with all residents
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