St Stephen Neighbourhood Plan Proposal

3 June-16 July

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St Stephen Parish are writing a new Neighbourhood Plan. It will affect what can be built, and where, up to 2036 in the St Stephen Parish Area.

The period for publicising a Plan Proposal runs for six weeks between Thursday 3 June 2021 and Friday 16 July 2021. More information on neighbourhood planning can be found at

Hard copies of the Neighbourhood Plan proposal will also be made available to view at St Stephen Parish office (details shown below).

St Stephen Parish Council, The Parish Centre, Station Road, Bricket Wood AL2 3PJ

Copies of the St Stephen Neighbourhood Plan can be inspected in the offices of St Stephen Parish Council. In order to maintain social distancing requirements, inspection will be by appointment between the hours of 09:00-16.00 Monday to Friday. Please call the parish office on 01923 681443, option 1 or email clerk to book an appointment.

How do I make a representation?
If possible, please respond online.

If you prefer not to comment online, you can respond by e-mail or you can post your comments to us. We will publish your name (organisation if applicable) and comments online, but no other contact details. This applies whether you respond online, by e-mail or by post.

Please return representations to the Spatial Planning Team by 5pm on 16 July 2021:

If you have any queries about this Publicising a Plan Proposal stage, you can contact us using the email address above.

What happens next?

At the close of the Publicising a Plan Proposal event, all duly made representations will be considered at examination by the Neighbourhood Plan Inspector.

The deadline for submitting representations is 5pm on 16 July 2021.

Any representations may include a request to be notified of the Local Planning Authority’s decision under regulation 19 in relation to the Neighbourhood Plan.

If you have any queries about this Publicising a Plan Proposal stage, you can contact us using the email address above.

N.B users may want to write and save their representations elsewhere e.g. Word and then cut and paste into Objective to prevent losing any comments

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