Artist Spotlight: Ricky Barnett

We recently met Ricky Barnett, who has lived for many years in Radlett and St Albans. With family members living in the Village, Ricky has a strong connection to Park Street, and its incredible aviation history is of particular interest to this engineer by trade.

St Albans the city itself is the subject of his first photobook St Albans in 100 Images, which contains gorgeous shots of some of its iconic attractions seen through his lens. His second published book focuses on a subject dear to this blogger’s heart–Pubs of St Albans and its Villages.

I’ve chosen his dynamic shot of our local, The Falcon, to illustrate this story. Below are other images he’s generously shared with us. Click to see them in their full dimensions.

Please visit his site for more stunning work, and to order prints, or view his Instagram.

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