Sopwell Community Trust: #WeAreInThisTogether

Several weeks ago we noticed posts from a local charity, Sopwell Community Trust on one of our favourite Facebook groups:

We have been working hard to rescue as much food destined for landfill as possible and local suppliers, to make your kind donations go even further and help support even more people in our city. Fresh fruit and vegetable boxes can be collected from our temporary base or delivered to your doorstep (contactless). We do not believe in demonising those facing hardship, if you extend your hand for help we will reach out with kindness and compassion. Pls contact us here to help and for help. #WeAreInThisTogether

Sopwell Community Trust, Facebook 19 January 2021
Sopwell Community Trust

Naturally this piqued our interest, since we’ve been doing food parcels for some of our neighbours throughout the pandemic, so we’re always interested in things we can do to enhance our weekly parcels. Our President Dee had also spotted the post, and sprang into action and contacted the charity to get the ball rolling, as did one of the mums in our weekly rounds who’s been keen to do her part.

As a result, our families are now receiving fresh food and other essentials alongside our weekly parcels, which will allow us to stretch our budget for even longer! One lovely mum among our families is now picking up 4 large boxes of delicious food each week and allocates the food to the other families, which has been really helpful to us, as Joy was running out of space. (See our featured photo above for one of the boxes.)

We’re also very happy the Trust is gaining some positive press for their charitable organisation, which will encourage more giving during these difficult times.

Link: Campaign aims to provide food for disadvantaged during lockdown

Please do what you can to help during these difficult times by donating food, supplies, money or time to our Food Bank fund, and to Sopwell Community Trust.

And thank you, once again, to the Sopwell Community Trust!

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