Village Litter-Pick January 2021 Recap

The Litter Heroes of Park Street broke their record and picked 49 full bags of litter from the streets of Park Street 16/17 January, a record number of bags for a weekend pick -49, YES 49!!Emoji which takes their aggregate to well over 2500.

Thanks to all the Litter Heroes for turning out on Friday’s and Saturday’s showers and Sunday’s sun. They were sure on Saturday, that the 8 bags from Tippendell Lane were going to be a winner, but then along came 9 bags filled over a 2 hour period on Moor Mill Lane! 

Congratulations all round and special thanks to 4 young people who joined (from separate families) who are participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. Thanks as well to Veolia who support the Pickers wonderfully by collecting the bags.

For those reading who work as  Lone Rangers whenever you see littering in the area, please use the loaned equipment. You can use old plastic shopping bags and if you want to fill a larger bag, or email us or visit Park Street Pickers page to add yourself to the group. All collected litter should be deposited into an official litter bin or your own wheelie bin.

Once again, BIG thanks and watch this space for details of the March plans.

Consigning litter to the waste bin

Photo courtesy of Sean Hoggard from Facebook’s Park Street People & Places group

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