Rogue Builders Update

Recent news reports highlight an increase in rogue traders targeting the elderly with home improvement schemes. Often their victims suffer in silence, due to isolation.

One of our Committee members is actively involved in our local Neighbourhood Watch, where one such crime first came to his attention, when a Frogmore resident Geoffrey Cunliffe, was victimised by scammers who left his home in ruins. Geoff, who lives on Radlett Road who was scammed into having “roof insulation”. This materialised into a very leaky roof and major damage inside the house, making it virtually uninhabitable upstairs. Luckily for Geoff his neighbours check in on him regularly, so while there’s no recourse in recouping his losses from the criminals who are long gone, there has been an active effort to repair his home through donations of funds and work.

Together with funding achieved (thanks if you donated), plus a grant from the local Council plus the support from a sympathetic builder, the roof was repaired. Unfortunately, the rooms damaged from the leaky roof and botched repair work now need restoring, but funds have run out so more is needed and/or the services of decorators. If you can help on any way, funds or labour go to: where you can donate or offer services to the fund-raiser who is mentioned at the end of the page.

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