Parish Pickers to the Rescue!

In these days of darkening clouds and uncertainties, it’s a pleasure to share some positive news. Read on for something that will brighten your day. -Editor

The Parish Pickers have excelled themselves and we are so proud of you all!

A really fantastic turn out in these trying times with all ages and families all volunteering to clean up our villages. All you wonderful volunteers in Bricket Wood, Park Street, How Wood & Chiswell Green  collected in excess of 100 bags of litter mostly separated into recycling and general rubbish and also recovered bags of flytipping, a car windscreens and more!

It was encouraging to see new volunteers along with our regular #LitterHeroes and talk of doing this more regularly.

As always we rely on the support of our county councillor Sue Featherstone to help pay for the equipment to make litter-picking as safe and clean as possible and Veolia for their supplies and collecting all the bags etc. as quickly as possible.

We will be back again next year when sadly this will all need doing again but with your hard work and enthusiasm it really does make a difference.    

For information on how you can participate, send an email to .                                                      

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