Highlights from PSRA Food Bank/OSPA Joint Fundraiser

Many thanks to Christine, Lorraine and their husbands for setting up and down and all the organising on the 22nd; Pam, Chris, Barbara and Lucille for manning the stalls, and Heidi, Dee and Jon for donating. We raised over £250 for the food bank and Rachael made £150 for her dog charity, OSPA.

Don’t forget about our next event, a MacMillan Cakes and Coffee fundraiser on the Rec 27 September!

There are a significant number of plants still available, which Barbara Vernon has taken to 2 Burydell and is selling. Here’s her list. Email her if interested, or drop by.

Burston Nurseries kindly supplied lots of tomato plants in reduced circumstances. Still in original small pots but with green fruits. If anyone can take them on it would save them from a life of decay on the compost heap. Definitely FREE! If you have a conservatory and repot them they will continue to fruit and ripen for several more months.

Xmas Cactus
Clivia (bring orange flower – something a bit special)
Mother in laws tongue
Zebrina x 6 pretty trailing plant that needs little attention

Crocosmia or Montbretia – 2 big clumps – could split
Penstemons x 5 (well worth growing, a bit special)
Michaelmas Daisy – one large, one dwarf
Colossus strawberry plant
Pinks x 3 (one has purple flower)
Aquilegia x 2 – useful cottage garden plants, that seed freely
Lemon balm (huge clump – good for herb tea)
Garden Mint
Stachys silver carpet (I think – large tray – sun/partial shade/drought tolerant).

I am looking at this and thinking it is ripe for cloud pruning? It is a healthy specimen. It could be turned into an outdoor bonsai with some root trimming. Anyone want a new hobby? Alternatively if you have the space a lovely pine tree.

2 small canna lilies. Spectacular orange blooms. Keep inside and plant out next summer
Agapanthus – rather special. Might be OK outside in protected area

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