The Little Book of Phone Scams

The national organisation Take Five “…is a national campaign that offers straight-forward and impartial advice to help everyone protect themselves from preventable financial fraud. This includes email deception and phone-based scams as well as online fraud – particularly where criminals impersonate trusted organisations”.

In these times of isolation and anxiety, scammers will use this mood to their advantage by increasing fraudulent phone calls, emails, texts, and in-person visits targeting members of the community. Some of these attempts are very sophisticated, and are much more difficult to identify as scams. Phone calls are particularly effective, because it’s more difficult to take a breath and react in your own time.

Download this booklet which aims to make people savvier about identifying scams, and importantly offers advice on how to say no. It’s easy to print out too, in case you want to share this info with friends and relatives who may not go online.

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  1. L. M. R. Bray

    This is not much use. I took the test, scored 9 correct answers to 9 questions, but when I checked results it said that I had scored zero!

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