Volunteers Needed

We need you! We really do, can you help us?

Park Street News is published twice a year (March and September) and delivered to EVERY home and business. It is quite a mission for us as we want to continue to meet our residents on the doorstep.

We need volunteers who will distribute P S News, and collect membership fees once a year.

Please contact me (membership@psra.org.uk) if you can help us, especially in the following areas:

  • Centaurus Square
  • Frederick Place
  • Frogmore 1-12
  • Frogmore 20-41
  • Frogmore Garden Cottages
  • Frogmore Home Park
  • Grovelands
  • Minister Court
  • Moor Mill Lane
  • Old Orchard
  • Park Street Lane 174-228
  • Park Street Lane 175-215
  • Radlett Road Frogmore East
  • Radlett Road Frogmore West Side
  • Radlett Road Hampton Place
  • Seaman Close
  • Spruce Way

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