Spotlight: Crown Carpet Care

From time to time we like to share interviews with area residents and businesses. Second in our series of advertiser spotlights is Mark Zimmermann of Crown Carpet Care.

Mark is a local Chiswell Green man. His career began in the pathology department of the NHS, moving on to scientific sales and marketing, and for the last 5 years of his medical life he procured human tissue for research tissue banks.

When he was made redundant he worked for a friend’s carpet cleaning business and then decided to set up on his own.

Mark has a varied list of clients from a retired national DJ to management companies and even a Thames pleasure boat.

It takes less than half a day to clean all the carpets in an average 3 bedroom home, leaving them ready to walk on, as Mark uses the dry cleaning system.
There are no solvents and it is an environmentally friendly method using an organic matrix offering a deep and penetrating clean with longer lasting results.

Mark will happily give a free quotation and advice-he won’t do a job if he feels it’s not in the client’s best interest-that way his conscience is clear and he can sleep well at night!!

Crown Carpet Care: 07542 935525 Email

Header Photo by Simone Impei on Unsplash

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