Artist Spotlight: Andy Norman

You’ve probably noticed a new look on the site by now, and some of the photos splashed across our pages.

Many shared throughout the site are by a local resident, Andy Norman, a keen photographer, musician and writer. Andy has generously shared his stunning photos with us, which is a great honour.

Andy’s been taking photographs since the ’70’s, but really upped his game in 2004 during a visit to India, where the colours and sights captured his imagination and passion. His subject matter ranges from portraits, local area highlights, and impressions from his travels.

His work is available for print and commercial use, the details which you’ll find on his home page, and impressive Instagram account. Contact him here for more information.

One thought on “Artist Spotlight: Andy Norman

  1. I had a look on his webpage, some great photos and work. I particualr;y like his wild woods views and bluebells

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