PSRA Needs You


Our AGM is fast approaching, & with no new members joining PSRA or our committee, it may be one of the last if we cannot get more support from you,

We are a dwindling band doing what we can for the village. After 57 years of PSRA it would be a shame to lose us.

In the last magazine we called for more volunteers: Are you willing to help the Community? Do you want to immerse yourself in Village business? (And make new friends!) HELP us with just two hours once a month on the Committee OR a few hours to help with any one off project (carpenters, builders, teachers, housewives/househusbands, older children with spare time etc.)

Please contact GO ON! TRY IT – you’ll be surprised what we get up to!

Here’s a reminder of what we did in 2018 and the sort of things you can help with: Community Well-Being event in Park Street Village Hall in October; Christmas Light Up at How Wood shops in November, with music and refreshments all provided free by PSRA. We would love to make Christmas Lights an annual event as we no longer have a Village Father Christmas. We also want to continue supporting Parish with summer events, Best Front Gardens and Memorial events; St Albans District Council on planning, building and other village matters; and colleagues on Neighbourhood Watch, who are also dwindling in numbers.

“Use us or Lose us” – we need your support both financially and physically!

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