2 thoughts on “Latest edition Park Street News

  1. Pam Bainbridge


    My name is Pamela Bainbridge and I live at 16 Ringway Road, I haven’t received the latest edition of our news letter.

    Could this be because of the sad loss of Mike Flack who delivered the newsletter?

    I would be interested in joining the committee but am unsure as to what would be required of me.


    Pamela Bainbridge

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  2. Hi Pam

    Apologies for the delay in response and also for not receiving the latest newsletter.
    Let me forward your issue and details to a committee member and hopefully they will reach out to you.
    As for expectations, it’s typically 1 evening a month for the committee meeting, and then depending on your role, helping out at events or helping to organise is typically the minimum requirement.

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