Great Plastic Pick Up – Help The Park Street Pickers

UPDATE – Dates corrected to THIS WEEKEND


Help us fight the largest, most ignored crime of all – LITTER.

Following publicity given by Sir David Attenborough to the issue of plastic in our oceans, the Daily Mail has promoted The Great Plastic Pick Up. We aim to clear our village of litter, including plastic, starting at 10am – Saturday May 26th at How Wood Shops. There will be a second team taking to the streets and green spaces on Sunday May 27th meeting at 10 o’clock at Park Street Recreation Ground (Park Street Lane). If you wish to volunteer and support this campaign, but cannot attend either of the 2 community Picks, feel free to collect litter from your own “patch”. If you do, please let us know when you plan your activity. We can loan equipment and do let us know what success you had so we can keep a running total of our efforts.

Until this country changes its culture in regard to litter, we will always need to help our local authorities to cleanse our roads and streets of litter, so why not join our band of “lone rangers”? They, like you, hate litter and have decided to do something about it, like taking a litter-picker and a bag with them when they walk the dog, go for a newspaper/groceries, down to the pub or when they fancy a walk around their area for a breath of fresh air and exercise.

Back to the Great Plastic Pick Up, then. If you can help us on either day or in any way, just send a note to us at . We would love to hear of any areas where there is a build-up of litter which we may not be aware of and of any specific road you would like us to visit. Sending us a photograph would be even better!

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