Will you be our first winner?

We are piloting an exciting new scheme to raise funds, which will be open to all. We need 100 entries to make this “100 Club”!


  1. In April 2018 we want to pilot a brand new PSRA 100 CLUB for five months (April-August).
  2. For £3 per entry per month you could win one of two £20 prizes. To be in with more chances to win, you can buy more entries, up to a maximum of three entries each month (£9).
  3. You can pay for all 5 months (1st April- 1st August) in a one-off: £15 (1 entry) £30 (2 entries) £45 (3 entries)
  4. There will be a bumper prize of £50* in August.
  5. The first draw will be on April 18th providing we get enough entrants**.
  6. All entrants will be allocated a number and a winner* will be drawn at the PSRA monthly meeting. Prize-winners will receive a cheque.
  7. Payment to enter the 100 Club should be made by bank transfer or standing order. Otherwise by cheque (payable to PSRA); please see the information and application.
  8. Your payment must be received by 14th of each month to be eligible for the draw.

If you are interested in joining our 100 Club, please read the rules here or a hard copy can be obtained from the  Newsletter Editor (please enclose a stamped addressed envelope) and if satisfied fill in the online PSRA 100 Club Application (or hard copy below and please return to Editor) and set up a standing order with your bank.

All applications require the reference to be filled in, which is made up of your surname, followed by initials, followed by your Post Code.

Please also select which payment method you will use. Entries will not be accepted without a valid payment method selected and received prior to the draw.

The PSRA 100 club is in addition to annual subscriptions as a member of the Residents Association.

* To win any prize individuals entries must be up to date and paid fully.

** If we do not have enough entrants we will be unable to pay a prize and refunds will be made

100 CLUB application form

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  1. Hi Angela

    There is a link to the rules and a link to the application form. Is it one of these that wasn’t working?
    I’ve checked now and both seem to work for me.
    Please let me know if it’s something else.

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